Classes Starting at New Facility

The wait is finally over! All classes are starting this week at the new facility. The address is 606 29th St. Please call us at 605-641-8303 if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Gym view complete

No Classes This Week

Due to the move into our new facility there will be no classes or open gym this week. Classes and open gyms will resume next week, Monday, March 16th at our new facility. The address is 606 29th Street, Spearfish, SD. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Gym Kids Routines

All of our Gym Kids classes are currently working on learning routines for our end of the year show.  This year we have put together some videos of the routines your gymnast will be learning.  These videos show the basic routine.  Depending on your child’s skill level the routines may change slightly, however the base skill will remain the same. We hope that these videos will give you a chance to see what they are learning and help your child if they would like to practice their routines at home!

Here are links to the video for each event:






Back Handspring Clinic

We will be having our back handspring clinic this Friday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Its 10$ per kid. Hope to see a lot there on Friday! Come have some fun at SGA!



New Building Update

Thanks to all the families that showed up this weekend! We have made some major progress to getting moved in to the new gym. We had our first piece of equipment installed this week. We are getting closer as the days go by. We are very close to being in the new gym! Thanks again to all the families that showed up and helped this weekend.

(Gym view of lobby)

(Stairs to upstairs)

(Floor/ Tumble Tramp) 

(Business office) 


(Dance studio)


New Building Update

We now have all the lights up in the gym area! We also have stared to paint in the lobby area. Sprinklers are starting to go up today. The frame for the pits are also getting finished up today. We are really making progress now we are on the fast track to getting ready to move in!


(East side view of the gym)


(North side view of the gym)


(Painted ceiling in the lobby) 


(Another view of the ceiling)


(Last little view of the ceiling)

Meet Reminder

Just a reminder that we are having our home meet this weekend at the Donald E. Young Center. The first session starts at 8:25 A.M. on Saturday. Hope to see every one there. Go SGA!


2015 Meet Poster-page-001

Class Reminder

Just a reminder that we are starting classes back up on Monday the 5th, and that January’s session one payment is due on the 5th as well. We hope you all had a great break, and we can’t wait to see you again!

New Building Update

We now have a completed ceiling and will have steel all the way up the walls in the first week of January. We also have the spotting rigs up for the bars and both pits. Last, but not least, the lobby and dance studio have been textured and are ready for paint. Step-by-step we are getting closer to our new building. Each day we draw closer!

(Steel on walls upstairs view)

(Left side view ceiling and walls)

(Tramp View)

(Vault runway View)

(Spotting rigs for tramps and bar)

(Dance studio textured and ready for paint)