Gym Kids Routines

All of our Gym Kids classes are currently working on learning routines for our end of the year show.  This year we have put together some videos of the routines your gymnast will be learning.  These videos show the basic routine.  Depending on your child’s skill level the routines may change slightly, however the base skill will remain the same. We hope that these videos will give you a chance to see what they are learning and help your child if they would like to practice their routines at home!

Here are links to the video for each event:






Back Handspring Clinic

We will be having our back handspring clinic this Friday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Its 10$ per kid. Hope to see a lot there on Friday! Come have some fun at SGA!



New Building Update

Thanks to all the families that showed up this weekend! We have made some major progress to getting moved in to the new gym. We had our first piece of equipment installed this week. We are getting closer as the days go by. We are very close to being in the new gym! Thanks again to all the families that showed up and helped this weekend.

(Gym view of lobby)

(Stairs to upstairs)

(Floor/ Tumble Tramp) 

(Business office) 


(Dance studio)


New Building Update

We now have all the lights up in the gym area! We also have stared to paint in the lobby area. Sprinklers are starting to go up today. The frame for the pits are also getting finished up today. We are really making progress now we are on the fast track to getting ready to move in!


(East side view of the gym)


(North side view of the gym)


(Painted ceiling in the lobby) 


(Another view of the ceiling)


(Last little view of the ceiling)

Meet Reminder

Just a reminder that we are having our home meet this weekend at the Donald E. Young Center. The first session starts at 8:25 A.M. on Saturday. Hope to see every one there. Go SGA!


2015 Meet Poster-page-001

Class Reminder

Just a reminder that we are starting classes back up on Monday the 5th, and that January’s session one payment is due on the 5th as well. We hope you all had a great break, and we can’t wait to see you again!

New Building Update

We now have a completed ceiling and will have steel all the way up the walls in the first week of January. We also have the spotting rigs up for the bars and both pits. Last, but not least, the lobby and dance studio have been textured and are ready for paint. Step-by-step we are getting closer to our new building. Each day we draw closer!

(Steel on walls upstairs view)

(Left side view ceiling and walls)

(Tramp View)

(Vault runway View)

(Spotting rigs for tramps and bar)

(Dance studio textured and ready for paint)

Spearfish Invite

We will be hosting our home meet Jan. 10th through Jan. 11th at the Donald E. Young Center. We hope to see every one there to cheer on all the girls competing! GO SGA!


2015 Meet Poster-page-001

Hula Fest 2014

Spearfish Level 3 Gymnasts Win Again!

The Level 3 gymnastics team from Spearfish Gymnastics Academy kept their winning streak alive as they won the top team honors at the Hula Fest Gymnastics Invitational Meet in Brookings, South Dakota. “This was our first meet of the year where we competed against all of the teams from the Eastern side of the state”, said Coach Summers, “It was a great opportunity for our kids to see where they are compared to all of the teams in South Dakota, as we have now competed against all the gym teams throughout the state. The girls did an outstanding job and everyone is having a great season so far this year.”

The level 3 team won the team competition with their highest team score of the season, 113.45, and won the meet by a full point, with 2nd place going to All American Gymnastics from Sioux Falls.

The level 3 team also had 3 All Around Champions in this competition. Kathleen Cook won top honors in the 6-7-year-old division with a score of 36.825. Cook also won gold on the Bars 9.15, Beam 9.475 and Floor 9.4. Cook placed 9th on the Vault 8.8. Sydney Nordwick won the Silver medal with a score of 36.75 and Savanna Dunwoody brought home the Bronze medal with a score of 36.30. Nordwick tied for the Gold on Bars 9.15 placed 2nd on Floor 9.225, was 3rd on Beam 9.325 and finished 5th on Vault 9.05. Dunwoody won Gold on the Vault 9.45, placed 2nd on Beam 9.45, 3rd on Bars 8.85 and 7th on Floor 8.75. Daniella Rodriguez came in with a 4th place finish in the All Around 34.850. Rodriguez won Bronze on Vault 9.2 finished 4th on Bars 8.75, 5th on Beam 8.5 and 8th on Floor 8.4. Isabel Cross finished 9th in the All Around 32.70 and Mauve Douglas placed 10th on Vault 8.7 and tied for 14th in the AA 31.150.

In the 8 year old division, Kenlee Engelhardt put up the highest score of the competition, easily winning Gold on the Bars with an outstanding routine that went 9.7. Engelhardt placed 4th on Vault 9.4, 6th on Floor 8.9 and 8th on Beam 8.725. She finished in 4th in the AA with a score of 36.525. Grace Stevens also competed in this age division and finished the day with an AA score of 33.75. Stevens placed 4th on the Beam 8.85.

Gretchen Adamski won the AA in the 9-year-old division with a score of 37.875. Adamski also won Gold on Vault 9.5, Bars 9.4 and Beam 9.475. Nearly making a sweep of the gold medals she won Silver on Floor with a score of 9.5.  Denali Prewitt won the AA Bronze medal with a score of 36.55 and placed 3rd on Bars 9.1, 3rd on Floor 9.375 and 6th on Vault 9.175.  Kaelei Kapust  placed 7th on Bars 9.0 and finished with an AA score of 35.025 for 11th place. Rylie Marchant placed 7th on Vault 9.15 and put together an AA total of 33.425.  While Jadeyn Reiner  placed 9th on Vault 9.1 and scored a 33.150 in the AA.

Alira Termes topped the awards stand in the 10-year-old age division winning a Gold medal for her AA performance with a score of 36.875. Termes also won Gold on Bars 9.4 and Floor also with a 9.4. She brought home a Silver medal on Vault 9.3 and placed 9th on Beam 8.775. Lily Simek won 2 Silver medals on Bars 9.1 and Beam 9.2. She placed 7th on Floor 8.75 and 9th on Vault 8.8. Simek won the Bronze in the AA with a score of 35.85. ALyssa Rafferty managed a 4th place finish on Bars 8.85 and 8th on Beam 8.825 while placing 9th in the AA with a score of 34.65. Kartney Hudson picked up some hardware, in the 11 year old division,with a 2nd on Bars 8.9 and a 9.05 on Vault for 4th, 5th on Floor 8.35 and 6th in the AA 34.10.  Finishing out the day in the 12 and over group, Keeley Hagen placed 6th on Vault 8.95, won a Bronze medal on Beam 9.15 and finished in 7th in the AA 33.175.

In the Level 4 competition, SGA again had 3 gymnasts win Gold in the All Around for their respective age groups. Bailey Dana won Gold in the 6-7-year-old division with a score of 34.20. Dana won three more Gold medals, Vault 8.4 Bars 8.75 and Beam 8.825 and picked up a Bronze medal on Floor 8.225. Madeline Cross topped the field in the 9 year old age group winning the AA with a score of 35.175. Cross also won Gold on the Vault 9.0, Silver on Bars 8.5, Bronze on Floor 8.775 and placed 5th on Beam 8.9. Halle Eaton also competed in this division finishing the meet in 10th place with a score of 33.025. The 11-year-old Division brought another AA Champion to light for Spearfish with Ally Ball winning Gold with a score of 35.175.  Ball brought home Gold on Vault 9.15 and Bars 9.05, earned a Bronze on Floor 8.2 and placed 5th on Beam 8.775. Vivian Marta earned 2 Bronze medals on Bars 8.45 and Beam 8.925 and finished in 6th in the AA 32.875.

In the 12 and over age group, SGA gymnasts included Karissa Rasmussen, Britain Menzel, SeAnna Dahl and Savannah Jeffery. Rasmussen placed 5th  on Beam 8.525 and Floor 7.95 with an AA total of 30.875 for 9th. Menzel placed 5th on Bars 8.05 6th on Beam 8.475 and 10th in the AA 30.80. Dahl  tied for 10th on Bars 7.5 and finished in 12th in the AA 30.175 and Savannah Jeffery ended the day with a 6th place finish on Vault 8.0 and tied for 10th on Bars 7.5. The Level 4 team pooled their best scores of the day (3 top scores on each event) to win a 3rd place trophy with a total of 104.75.

Marla Sproul was the lone competitor for SGA at Level 5 placing 2nd on Beam 8.6 and 9th on Vault 8.15.

The Hula Fest also found the SGA Optional gymnasts competing for the first time this season. “We use this as an ‘Are you Ready’ type of competition for our Optional gymnasts”, stated Coach Summers, “It is really early in the season and we want them to see where they are as far as being ready for competition and providing fuel for the fire, so to speak, as they prepare for the Optional Season that kicks off with our Home Invitational on Jan 11th at Black Hills State University.”

The Level 6 team consisted of Eden Shank, Lauren Strand and Isabelle Silva. Strand competed in the 11-12 age group and placed 3rd on Bars 8.625, 5th on Beam 8.35 and won a Silver Medal on Floor with her high score of the day 9.25. Strand finished 5th in the AA 34.675. Shank won Gold in the All Around with a score of 35.875.  Shank also brought home 3 other top honors winning gold on Vault 9.0, Bars 9.3 and Floor 9.125.  She placed 3rd on Beam 8.45. Silva won the Silver on Floor 8.625, brought home 2 Bronze medals on Vault 8.55 and Bars 7.75 while placing 4th on Beam 8.4. Silva’s score of 33.325 won her the Silver medal in the All Around. The Level 6 team combined their scores for a 3rd place finish in the Team Competition with a total of 103.875.

Kamryn Olness competed at Level 7 and won Bronze on Bars 8.9, and placed 5th on Vault 9.2, 5th on Beam 8.25 and 5th on Floor 8.725. Olness ended her day with a 4th place finish in the AA with a score of 35.075. “This meet was an opportunity for Olness to qualify for the next level”, noted Summers, “and she easily reached that qualifying score of 31.00 in the All Around.” She will be joining her level 8 teammates for the rest of the competitive season.

The Level 8 team was on the floor at the Hula Fest with Kiara Brown, Journey Childers and Lyric Williams.  Williams competed in the 9-11 age group and won 5 bronze medals for her efforts of the day. Vault 7.9, Bars 6.9, Beam 8.375 Floor 7.4 and a 30.575 in the AA. Childers and Brown were both in the 13 and over age group. Childers placed 5th on Vault 8.1, 5th on Bars 7.3, won Silver on Beam 8.825 and placed 4th on Floor 8.575.  Her AA score of 32.80 put her in 5th place. Brown placed 3rd on Vault 8.85, won Silver on Bars 9.4, placed 3rd on both Beam 8.6 and Floor 8.85 and finished with a Silver medal in the AA with a total of 35.70.

The Hula Fest was a chance for Wynter Childers, Level 10, to debut her new routines for the 2014-15 competitive season. Childers did not compete Vault in this meet, however she won the three remaining events.  Bars 9.2, Beam 9.4 and Floor 9.2.

“At the end of the weekend, this was a great experience for all of our gymnasts”, Summers said, “We are doing well at the Compulsory levels and our Optional gymnasts are on track for their competitive season as well.” All of these gymnasts will be competing at home on Jan. 10th and 11 as Spearfish Gymnastics hosts their annual invitation competition at Black Hills State University. This meet will have over 300 competitors this season and showcase some of the best gymnasts in South Dakota. We hope everyone will come out and cheer on their favorite gymnast at the Spearfish Gymnastics Invitational on the Campus of Black Hills State University Saturday January 10th and Sunday January 11th.