Quote of the week

“Be brave.

                                   Take risks.

                                                                                        Nothing can substitute  


Besler’s Cadillac Ranch Fundraiser

Hey all you dancers, movers, groovers, and people just looking to have a good time and dance! SGA will be hosting a fundraiser at Besler’s on Oct. 24. Doors will open a 8:00pm.


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Weekly did you know

Did you know the ancient Romans used gymnastics as a functional sport? For example, warriors used the wooden horse to practice mounting and dismounting.

New Building Update – Foam Pits

Every day we are getting closer and closer to completion on the new facility. There is lots of progress being made on the lobby and the cement guys are busy getting all the foam pits done! Tramp and Bars pits

Quote of the week

Keep strong everyone! keep pushing forward!

The secret of change is to focus 

                                                                      all of your energy, not fighting the old, 

                                                                                                                            but on building the new.  


Weekly Did You Know

Did you know? Girls wear leotards when training and competing. The leotard is named after French acrobat Jules Leotard. He performed the first flying trapeze act in 1859 while wearing a body-hugging costume.

Quote of the week

With the competing season coming up soon, I thought this was a good quote. Keep it up girls!


Be strong when you are weak,

                                       brave when you are scared,

                                                                               and humble when you are victorious. 

Flippin’ 5k & 1K Family Fun Runs with Dye

Calling all runners! The SGA booster club will be hosting a 5k run and 1k family fun run on Oct. 5th. They will be dyeing t-shirts for the 1K fun run, so be sure to bring all your friends and family down.You can register online by clicking here.  Hope to see you all there!

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Weekly Gymnastics Did You Know

Did you know that In April 1994 history was made when Australia hosted the Individual World Gymnastic Championships in Brisbane? This event has been presented outside of Europe only three times in the hundred years of its staging and each of these were in North America.