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Registration for Summer Camps is now open!

Registration for Summer Classes is now open!

Where kids learn to run, jump, leap, bounce, roll, flip, fly, tumble, climb, swing, and, balance.  All while gaining:


All of this done while having tons of fun. All kids are born with an instinctive need to explore the world of things that their bodies can do and gymnastics is the perfect venue for this as it offers them every movement opportunity and challenge needed to successfully accomplish their amazing journey of discovery. All of this while giving them much needed mental confidence to face life’s many daunting challenges.

Enrollment for classes, in all activities at SGA, is available at all times.

Check out the following programs:

Tumble Bears
Gym Kids
Competitive Team

Summer Classes and Camps!

We have a summer full of activities planned! Keep your kids active all summer long with our awesome gymnastics classes, themed day camps, ninja classes, and dance camps! Join us today and give your child a summer they will never forget!

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Summer Camp Registration

Registration for our summer camps is now open! Our fun filled summer camps are a great way to keep your kids excited and active all summer long! Each week of camp has a different theme and is filled with tons of fun activities, crafts, games, sports and more! Come join the fun ,and give your kids a summer filled with a new adventure every week!

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Birthday Parties!

Did you know that Spearfish Gymnastics does GREAT birthday parties? You can’t get a better party anywhere in town for a better price! It’s fun for all ages. Call Phil at 641-8303 to schedule your next party with us. Come celebrate with Spearfish Gymnastics Academy!

BirthdayJump BirthdayFly

Wynter’s National Win and Her Story

We could not be more proud of Wynter and what she has accomplished this year! She has claimed a National Championship. But what she reveals in her interview is something that i think every athlete should hear and take to heart.You can read the article here. You can accomplish so much when you have fun, great coaches and great family behind you. Congratulations again to Wynter! Can’t wait to see you compete next year!







Having a great week! So glad to see all of our students happy faces when receiving their awards for the great year! Thanks to every one for supporting SGA this year this can’t happen without you! Just as a reminder we do have classes and camp over the summer. Come have some fun at SGA!
















Classes Starting at New Facility

The wait is finally over! All classes are starting this week at the new facility. The address is 606 29th St. Please call us at 605-641-8303 if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Gym view complete

Olympic Gymnastics

This article is a good look at how gymnastics has changed over the years and how it has become more physically demanding.Link Here